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Update on Birmingham wall disaster

Imran Khan and Partners continues to act for the families of five men killed and another injured at the Shredmet Recycling plant in Birmingham on 7 July 2016.

Despite over four years passing, there have been no criminal prosecutions and no compensation for the bereaved families. The Inquest, which was held over two years ago, showed that inexcusable and gross failings of the company led to the deaths. Despite this, the Health and Safety Executive (‘HSE’) have informed the families that their investigation remains ongoing; the HSE have stated that they hope to conclude their investigation by autumn 2020.

Shabana Mahmoud, the MP for Birmingham Ladywood where the plant is located, has recently written to the HSE to demand a resolution to their investigation.

I echo the widespread disappointment from the Ladywood community that investigations into the incident are still yet to conclude. As you are aware, July 2020 marked the fourth anniversary since the tragic loss of life at the Shredmet recycling plant in Birmingham. Since the anniversary, I am informed by representatives of the bereaved families that the HSE has provided no further updates regarding a decision on prosecution.

It is alarming that ongoing delays to the HSE investigation continue, with no reasonable explanation for a situation that has prolonged the grief of bereaved families, and prevented them from achieving a sense of justice regarding the deaths. I have serious concerns that there is a lack of sufficient urgency at the HSE regarding the completion of this investigation.

The HSE, and the Ministers who are responsible for it, have abjectly failed to complete this investigation in a reasonable time. It is a damning indictment of the lack of leadership at both the Department and the HSE that four years after a serious industrial accident in my constituency, the community is still waiting for answers.

I will continue to make representations in the strongest possible terms for a swift conclusion to this investigation, and I will also pursue the public policy issues that arise from the way in which the HSE has done its job. After your refusal to meet to discuss the delay in this case, I ask once again to meet with you regarding the clear failings of the HSE regarding this investigation.”

The families will continue to press the HSE for an urgent decision and continue to demand recognition and justice on behalf of the families of Mr Ousmane Kaba Diaby, Mr Saibo Sumbundu Sillah, Mr Bangally Tunkara Dukuray, Mr Almamo Kinteh Jammeh, Mr Mahamadou Jagana Jagana and Mr Tombong-Conteh.

For further information, please contact the solicitor in this matter, Daniel Cooper, at


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