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Public Law Solicitors

Has a public body treated you unfairly? Do you suspect that the decision was unlawful? Are you concerned your human rights have been violated by the decision of a public body?

If you suspect that a public body has made an unfair or unlawful decision or acted outside their powers we recommend you seek legal advice as soon as possible.

It is also important that decision makers do not breach laws made to protect fundamental rights and interests such as the Human Rights and Data Protection Acts 1998, the Equality Act 2010 and EU law.

Whether you are an individual, an organisation or business, or a large community, our specialist lawyers can help you put the public authority on the right track.   

Our highly experienced team of specialist lawyers can help you in public law actions across the country. You can be assured that we have a wealth of experience in challenging decisions of public bodies up and down the country by way of judicial review actions, public inquiries and more.  

Free Initial Telephone Discussion

For a free initial telephone discussion, please call us on 020 7404 3004 or email and we'll be in touch shortly. We can help clients wherever you are based across England and Wales.

Public Law

Public bodies and authorities sometimes make unlawful and harmful decisions for the communities they serve. Challenging these decisions can be daunting but we are committed to ensuring that public bodies are held to account. We will work tirelessly to get justice for breaches of their duty toward you and your human rights.

Imran Khan and Partners was founded on values of equality and justice. We are lawyers who specialise in advising and representing individuals and marginalised communities against public power. Each and every member of our team is committed to ensuring that the voices of individuals and communities deeply affected by public decisions are heard.  

Areas we can assist with:

  • Challenges to legislation: for example, to ensure that new laws are interpreted and implemented so that they operate in accordance with fundamental human rights.

  • Entitlement to reasons

  • Challenge to the decisions made by:

    • Police bodies

    • Local authorities

    • Crown Prosecution Service

    • Parole Board

    • NHS Foundation Trusts

    • Home Office

    • National government

  • Preparation of your application for permission to bring a judicial review action

  • Representation before the Administrative Court

  • Inquests

  • Public Inquiries

The most common public law remedy is through judicial review, although challenges can be pursued through declarations in claims for damages, inquest verdicts, Ombudsman and complaints schemes, public inquiries and the European Court on Human Rights.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud campaigning lawyers who are up to date and engaged with the social justice needs of local communities and national aims. We are actively involved with community organisations such as the Monitoring Group, the Domestic Violence Projects, Women’s Refuges and more to ensure that community voices are heard loud and clear.

A recent and notable case of ours includes acting for Alina Joseph, who is challenging the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service (‘CPS’) not to prosecute for the death of her 14 year-old son:

How do I pay for my legal fees?

If you do not have the finances to pay for legal advice, you may be eligible for Legal Aid funding.

Alternatively, you may be able to crowdfund your case. You can fundraise through an online platform and collect donations from friends, family and the general public who support your case to cover some or all of your legal costs.

To find out more about how you can fund your case please call us today on 020 7404 3004.

How to get in contact

For a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Cooper at or 020 7404 3004 to talk about your case with our team.

We can assist wherever you are based and have offices in central London.

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