As the police are supposed to be on the frontline of upholding the rule of law, it can be particularly distressing if you are the victim of police misconduct. Whether the police or other detaining authorities have acted negligently or you have been assaulted or subjected to false imprisonment, wrongful arrest or malicious prosecution, you should not suffer in silence. You have every right to demand an apology, seek redress and/or pursue a claim for compensation.


It can be daunting to challenge the State. Our solicitors are committed to ensuring that the State, including the police, are held accountable.


The protection of civil liberties and actions against the police and State have been the focus of the firm’s history. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with actions against the police, the prison service, Home Office and other public and private bodies. Since our inception, we have established a reputation for unflinching commitment to fighting injustice and gained a national and internal reputation for the quality of our work and commitment to human rights.


We can give you professional, friendly advice and guidance during what can be an extremely stressful time.


Here’s how we can help:

o    Complaints against the police and representation throughout misconduct proceedings

o    Civil claims against the police, including in relation to:

o    Assault and battery;

o    Discrimination and claims under the Equality Act; 

o    Human rights breaches;

o    False imprisonment, unlawful detention and loss of liberty;

o    Negligence and failure to investigate;

o    Misfeasance and misconduct in public office;

o    Malicious prosecution; and

o    Trespass to property or goods

o    Challenging policing decisions and police powers

o    Inquests into deaths in police custody or following contact with the police

o    Inquests into deaths in prison, immigration detention, at work or hospital detention


Our solicitors specialise in all areas of police law, including:

·         Pre-emptive policing;

·         Covert and undercover policing;

·         Stop and search powers;

·         Protest policing; and

·         Police shootings


We are campaigning lawyers. We are actively involved with campaigning organisations which represent local and national communities, such as the The Monitoring Group, Domestic Violence Projects, Women’s Refuges and others. We regularly advise community organisations and appear publicly and lecture on public interest legal matters for educational and campaigning purposes.