Daniel Cooper


Described by clients as "very bright, talented and dedicated”, and a finalist in the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards 2020, Daniel specialises in civil liberties, human rights and discrimination law.  His practice includes inquests, public and administrative law, and public inquiries, as well as protest law, civil and regulatory proceedings and professional discipline.


Daniel specialises in complex and sensitive cases and particularly those in which he works with families who have lost loved ones in suspicious circumstances, police custody or at work. Daniel’s aim is to achieve accountability and redress with his clients.


Some of Daniel’s current work:

Unlawful killing of Paul Reynolds

Daniel represents the family of Paul Reynolds, who was killed at Pontins Holiday park in Suffolk in 2017 following a dangerous, deliberate and unlawful restraint by his neck which was found by the jury to have contributed to his death.


Birmingham wall disaster
Daniel represents the families of 5 African workers who were tragically killed at work in 2016, for which the employers are now being prosecuted following a concerted campaign by the family. He also acts for an injured worker.


Grenfell Tower fire

Daniel is instructed by bereaved family members and residents of Grenfell Tower.


Police shooting of Yassar Yaqub

Daniel acts with Partner Imran Khan QC and Michael Mansfield QC for the family of Yassar Yaqub who was shot dead by West Yorkshire Police in 2017.

Police shooting of Jermaine Baker

Daniel is instructed in the public inquiry concerning the fatal shooting of Jermaine Baker following a Metropolitan Police Service operation.

Death of Romello Mcook

Daniel represents the family of Romello Mcook, who died in suspicious circumstances. The family experienced a flawed and defective police investigation, which they believe was caused by discrimination. Rarely, following family pressure, another police force reviewed the case, and made a range of criticisms of the investigation and directed investigative steps be taken. The family pursue complaints including civil proceedings in respect of the police investigation and there are inquest proceedings ongoing.


Death of Matthew Mackell

On 6 May 2020, 17 year-old Matthew Mackell called Kent Police many times for help before taking his own life. Daniel acted for Matthew’s family in the Inquest, which identified systemic failings by Kent Police. Daniel supports Matthew’s family’s pursuit for change to police procedure in Kent and nationally.  


Protest law

Daniel acts with Partner Imran Khan QC for Alfie Meadows, who suffered a brain injury following major students protests, in civil and police disciplinary proceedings.

He also acts for other protestors.

Death of Christopher Kapessa

Daniel acts for the mother of Christopher Kapessa who was tragically killed when he was 13 years old, and for which the Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to prosecute a suspect, in public law proceedings.


Historic sexual and physical abuse

Daniel has secured accountability and millions of pounds in damages for survivors of historic sexual abuse in the context of private law claims and non-civil proceedings, including in one of the world’s first redress schemes.


Dr Abbasi v Northumbria Police Force

Daniel acts for Dr Abbasi with Imran Khan QC in respect of civil proceedings arising from his assault and arrest.


Death of prisoner Mesut Olgun

Daniel acts for family concerning Mesut’s death in prison, in which there are also criminal proceedings into prison’s staff role.


Death of Joshua Ball

Daniel acts for the family of Joshua, who tragically died following police restraint in complex coronial and civil proceedings. 

Death of Lee Bradley Brown

Daniel acts with Imran Khan QC for Lee’s family in an inquest which concerns his death in   custody in Dubai whilst a tourist on holiday 


Undercover Policing Public Inquiry

Daniel acts with Imran Khan QC for Core Participants in this Public Inquiry which aims to get to the truth of undercover policing since 1968 and providing recommendations for the future.


Daniel’s practice also includes cases concerning police misconduct, those in the mental health context, local government and social services, children’s’ rights, surveillance, national security, prisons and women’s rights. He has a particular passion in the rights of Roma, Travellers and Gypsies and sits on the Traveller Movement’s advisory board.


Past cases:


Deaths in a mental health context

Daniel has acted for numerous families whose loved ones have tragically died in a mental health facility or in the community.   


Death of Elsie Brooks [2021]

Daniel acted for the daughters of Elsie Brooks who died at King George hospital in 2010. The first inquest took place in 2014 and was quashed in 2018.  Daniel acted in the fresh inquest which resulted in critical findings.


KK v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2021]

Daniel successfully acted for a vulnerable teenager who was brutally assaulted by police officers. KK was punched 4 times to the head and elbowed 3 times in his mouth in a police van. An officer also held him in a headlock. Following service of the claim, and prior to a Case and Cost Management Conference, the Metropolitan Police agreed to pay substantial damages to KK.


Younes Bentahar v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2021]

Daniel successfully acted for Mr Bentahar in respect of events on 9 July 2019 in which officers were filmed striking Mr Bentahar and pinning him down while he appeared to have a seizure during a traffic stop. The case has attracted national attention, which may be found here.  The Metropolitan Police Commissioner agreed to pay substantial damages to Mr Bentahar in settlement of his civil claim for assault, false imprisonment, breaches of the Human Rights Act and discrimination.


Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Daniel represented significant numbers of Core Participants in this national inquiry across a range of its investigations.  


TXD v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2020]

Daniel successfully acted for a teenager in proceedings in assault and battery and false imprisonment, claiming aggravated and exemplary damages.


CH v Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police [2019]

Daniel successfully acted for  CH in complex proceedings in negligence and under the Human Rights Act 1998.


Wahab Butt v Ledley King [2019]

Daniel acted for Mr Butt in proceedings against former England Tottenham star, Ledley King.


JXD v Bedford Borough Council [2019]

Daniel successfully acted for mother and daughter for proceedings in negligence, false imprisonment, assault and pursuant to the Human Rights Act 1998 (Articles 5 and 8).


Death of Rashan Charles

Daniel acted with Partner Imran Khan QC for the family of Rashan Charles who was killed in 2017 following restraint by a Metropolitan Police officer, which led to protest and unrest across London. 


London Bridge & Westminster terror attacks [2019]
Daniel was instructed by Interested Persons in the Inquest into the London Bridge & Borough Market terror attacks of 3 June 2017, and the Inquest into the Westminster Bridge / Palace of Westminster attacks of 22 March 2017.


Ke Xu v Corbiere (2018)

Daniel was a member of the team that acted for financial analyst, Ke Xu, known as the ‘billion-dollar-brain’, in public law proceedings before the Court of Appeal relating to attempts by investment fund bosses to try to stop his deportation to China.

Griffiths v CC Suffolk Police & Anr [2018] EWHC 2538 (QB)

Daniel was part of the team that acted for the daughters of Mary Griffiths, who was tragically murdered, in complex proceedings in negligence and under the Human Rights Act, in Griffiths v CC Suffolk Police & Anr [2018] EWHC 2538 (QB)

Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police v MR [2019] EWHC 888 (QB).

Daniel acted in this false imprisonment action, which focused on ‘necessity’ element of the grounds to arrest in Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police v MR [2019] EWHC 888 (QB)

which also concerned the issue of indemnity costs and vindication in litigation.

Davis v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (2019)

Successfully secured damages for a teenager that was violently strip-searched by multiple police officers including of his private parts in Davis v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (2019) which followed misconduct proceedings against the officer concerned.


Wilde v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (2019)

Successfully secured damages and non-financial redress for a blind and mentally ill citizen that was attacked in police custody in Wilde v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (2019) which followed gross misconduct findings against the officer concerned.


Jeffers v Ministry of Justice (2018)

Successfully secured damages for a vulnerable prisoner who was assaulted by prison guards in Jeffers v Ministry of Justice (2018)


Police sexual misconduct

He was a member of the team that acted in successful disciplinary and civil proceedings against the Metropolitan Police, for a female citizen who was coerced into a sexual relationship under duress over a lengthy period by a serving police officer.


Bradfield v Serco (2019)

Successfully acted against a private prison in a claim in negligence in which substantial damages were awarded to the claimant.



Daniel is a Solicitor Advocate who joined Imran Khan and Partners in March 2017. He has a first class degree from the University of London. He attained the “Future Lawyer Advancement Award” scholarship, which is awarded to promising young lawyers. Daniel was also awarded the “Future Lawyer Excellence Award” scholarship. His background is as Vice-President of the University of London Union, the largest student representative body in Europe and he acted for the UK’s 9 million students in a national capacity at the National Union of Students. He has been a casework of the Newham Monitoring Project assisting with civil rights issues and an active campaigner in the trade union movement, particularly with hyper-exploited migrant workers. He is fluent in French.