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Memorial event for Kunil Nur

17 January 2023 from 11am – 2pm

Wigan Arrival Project, Pension Street, Wigan, WN1 2LP

Please join us and Kunil’s family at the Wigan Arrival Project on Tuesday 17 January 2023 from 11am for an event dedicated to justice for Kunil and his memory.

About Kunil

Kunil was a valued member of the Wigan community and a key organiser in the Support for Wigan Arrivals Project (‘SWAP’).

He was dedicated to helping ease the transition for new arrivals to the Wigan community. He could be found at schools, local events and elections raising awareness about the issues faced by asylum seekers and refugees. He spoke 5 languages and often acted as a translator for newcomers.

Kunil’s death

We act for the family of Kunil Nur, a 44 year-old son, brother and father who died following contact with Wigan police.

We understand that in the months before his death, Kunil reported a number of incidents of racial abuse and harassment to Wigan Police. In the early hours of 4 October 2021, there was a commotion between Kunil and his neighbours which was attended by Wigan police officers. He was taken to the hospital and subsequently died 5 days later.

The facts of Kunil’s death remain under investigation by Greater Manchester Police.

More than a year after Kunil’s death, the family await the conclusion of the police investigation to find out whether any criminal charges will follow Kunil’s death.

Kunil’s memorial – 17 January 2023

It is clear that a deep sense of loss is felt not only by Kunil’s family but by the community at large following his death.

Kunil’s family are grateful to London Somali Youth Forum, Support for Wigan Arrivals Project, (SWAP), the Sudanese community in Wigan and Lisa Nandy MP, in particular, for their support in our mission to uncover the truth about Kunil’s death.

This memorial is a chance for those who loved Kunil, and for those who did not yet have the pleasure of knowing him, to honour his life and contribution to the Wigan community.

It is also a space for the wider community to come together in its continued commitment to justice for Kunil in the fight against racism within the community and its institutions.

Kunil’s case is one which is close to our hearts at Imran Khan and Partners as our very foundation was based on calls for prompt and thorough investigations into violent and racist attacks on Black men and people of colour. It is of utmost importance to us that we continue to pursue justice for victims of racial hatred such as Kunil and his family.

Kunil’s family are represented by Daniel Lemberger Cooper at Imran Khan and Partners solicitors. Please contact Daniel Cooper of Imran Khan and Partners at or 0207 404 3004 for more information or for enquiries.


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