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Family relationship breakdowns can leave you feeling hurt, alone and vulnerable, and having to deal quickly with issues that you never thought you would have to face. We are here to help you.


We have a wide range of experience and expertise in all areas of family and children law, ranging from a simple divorce to complex Public Interest cases.


What we do:

Divorce and Relationship breakdown

We will do all we can to help you deal with your divorce, and the other issues which need to be resolved side by side, in as straightforward a manner as possible, and will explain the process clearly including timescales, possible outcomes and other issues outside of the divorce that you may wish to think about.


We appreciate that you may be feeling hurt, angry and confused, and worried about what will happen next. We will assist you by providing you with a framework regarding the divorce, and other issues arising such as arrangements for the children, and financial matters.


Money & Property


We deal with all cases, from relatively straightforward ones where there are limited resources, to those involving complex issues and substantial assets, including assets abroad.


We deal with the division of money and property when cohabitants separate, and when civil partnerships and marriages break down.

When a relationship breaks down, couples will need to decide how to divide their property, money and other assets. Establishing what is a fair decision can be very hard, and is influenced by a number of factors. The decision is not one to be taken lightly and it is important that you have appropriate legal advice. We can deal with assets abroad and in the UK, trust assets, business assets and pensions, as well as transfer of tenancy.


Care Proceedings / Social Services


We can help you if Social Services have become involved regarding your children and/or are applying to remove them from your care. Often such applications are made at short notice and we can provide you with urgent legal representation.


Children – Dispute between parents


When you and your partner are going through a separation and you have children, it is likely that you are feeling anxious and worried about what arrangements should be made to minimise the impact on your children. You may be asking yourself questions such as: who should they live with? Should the other parent see them? – If yes, when and how often? How do we settle the arrangements amicably? Should I let the school know what is going on?


You may be worried about your former partner removing your child from your care, or the jurisdiction; we can take urgent steps to prevent this.


Maybe you are a grandparent wanting to take a more active role in the upbringing of your grandchildren? We can assist you.

We can assist you with a whole range of these issues including:

  • Parental responsibility

  • Residence and contact, now referred to as Child Arrangements

  • International relocation and contact

  • International child abduction and custody disputes

  • Wardship

  • Adoption

  • Grandparents’ rights

  • Step-parents’ rights

  • Special guardianship

  • Domestic Violence including injunctions

We have considerable experience in this area and have supported victims of domestic abuse over many years, including both men and women, and same-sex couples. We can respond to the urgent needs of clients facing these issues and understand the intense pressures they face and the need to act fast and discreetly. We have links with other organisations that can support our clients, for example, with counselling, practical support, benefits, housing, immigration etc.

If you meet the relevant criteria, we can help you get an injunction within 24 hours. We will come with you to court and advise you in relation to the legal and practical steps you may need to take to protect yourself and your family.

Forced Marriage

In these cases, swift action is vital and sometimes immediate action is essential. We have the expertise and experience to deal effectively with these cases.

International Family Law

This is a specialist area and we deal with a number of cases involving an international element, for example, where assets are abroad, or one party lives abroad. These types of cases are becoming increasingly common because families are often finding themselves living and working in different countries.


Civil Partnerships

If you are thinking about entering into a civil partnership, we can assist you by advising you about your rights, including pre-partnership agreements, separation, Dissolution orders, financial orders, children issues, assisted reproduction and surrogacy.


How we Work:

We adopt a non-confrontational approach where possible, as we know that things are hard enough for you and do not wish to make a hard time more difficult.

However, we recognise that some cases require urgent attention or immediate court action and we do not hesitate in taking appropriate steps to actively protect the interests of our clients.

We will work with you to achieve the best result possible for you and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.



We are a firm dedicated to Legal Aid and hold a Specialist Quality Mark. However, due to Government restrictions over recent years, there are many clients who will no longer qualify for Legal Aid but still have low incomes, and above all, require value for money whilst receiving high quality legal assistance.


We have a team of dedicated, experienced professionals ready and able to assist you, whether it is on a legal aid or a private basis as follows:

Legal Aid – For free, we will assess your financial circumstances and tell you whether you qualify for Legal Aid. You can also assess your eligibility yourself at the Legal Aid Agency's Eligibility Calculator.


Private Funding of family cases – We can offer a range of different services to match almost every pocket, as follows:

Confidential, one-off legal advice with no hidden costs or obligation – starting from £350 plus VAT. This includes a one-hour initial consultation and written confirmation of advice.


If you decide to instruct us thereafter, we can agree a fixed fee for each stage of work.

Special Fixed Fees for Uncontested Divorce – £950 plus VAT plus court fee.


In all cases, we aim to offer upfront, transparent pricing and we will always try and help you to find the most cost-effective way to proceed.


We accept credit and debit cards and can consider payment in instalments.



Within the department we are able to speak Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and Malayalam.

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