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Press Statement:

The 5 day Inquest into the death of Lee Bradley Brown concluded today, 4th November 2022, over 11 years after he passed away. The Inquest was heard at the Walthamstow Coroner’s Court before Area Coroner Nadia Persaud. The jury returned a verdict that Mr Brown’s death occurred due to neglect.

Mr Brown’s mother, Doris Brown, said: ‘For the past 11 years we have had to fight to find out how Lee died and so I am incredibly relieved that the Inquest has finally uncovered the precise circumstances in which my son lost his life. My son was a good person who loved both me and his dad very much. He died in the most awful of circumstances being allowed to be beaten by other prisoners and, most shockingly, those who were supposed to look after him. He was not given proper food or appropriate care. I cannot imagine how awful his last moments must have been. It makes me incredibly sad and angry. I can’t believe that he died at the hands of savage monsters when he had done nothing wrong. They made up lies about him and took my life too. He was my life.’

Imran Khan KC said: ‘The jury’s findings paint a painful picture of Lee’s final moments before he died. The fact that Lee was so badly treated and neglected was well-known to his family for the past 11 years. It should never have taken this long and caused so much distress to his family to get this official recognition. Lee should never have lost his life in these awful circumstances. His death and the Inquest findings have shed light on the way in which British individuals are detained and treated in Dubai. The fact that the jury found that the lack of consular services may have contributed to Lee’s death highlights that greater efforts should be made by the UK government to provide assistance to those who need it in foreign jurisdictions. It could save lives in the future. This is of particular concern given that British Citizens will be travelling to Qatar for the football Word Cup this month.’

The family was represented at the Inquest by John Lofthouse, Counsel, of 2 Kings Bench Walk instructed by Imran Khan KC and Daniel Lemberger Cooper of Imran Khan and Partners, and

Please contact Daniel Cooper on or 020 7404 3004 for further information.

NOTE: The record of Inquest states as follows:

Narrative Conclusion with Neglect

Lee Bradley Brown’s death took place on 12th April 2011 at 8pm in Bur Dubai Police Station in Dubai, UAE.

The factors that probably contributed to Lee’s death were as follows:

· The beatings Lee Bradley Brown received from other detainees and police officers/guards

· The lack of adequate food and water

· The lack of habitable living conditions

· Lack of access to the necessary medical care whilst in Bur Dubai Police Station

The factors that possibly contributed to Lee’s death were:

· The lack of access to consular services

· Inadequate clothing provided for the conditions that he was staying in

To confirm, neglect was by Dubai Police authorities in Bur Dubai Police Station.


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