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This statement is made by Baroness Lawrence in her personal capacity, in response to the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision made on the 6th July 2023, not to charge any of the senior investigating officers involved in the investigation into Stephen’s murder.

Baroness Lawrence stated:

“After 30 years in which there have been countless police investigations, a police complaint and a Public Inquiry I thought there might be some hope of holding those police officers who failed me and my son to account. My hope has been in vain. I am bitterly disappointed with the CPS decision not to charge any police officer. I will be seeking a review of it. Everyone knows that the first murder investigation was institutionally racist and yet there is no mention, let alone consideration, of racism in the CPS decision as being the possible reason for the officers acting as they did. Yesterday at London City Hall Sir Mark Rowley accepted the obvious failings of the police in the first murder investigation but, despite this, not a single police officer has been disciplined or will be charged. In my opinion the police have, yet again, got away ‘scot free’. Not a single police officer lost his job, or will lose his pension, or pay a fine or spend a day behind bars whilst I will continue to grieve the loss of my son. This CPS decision has caused me immense distress and little thought has been given to me as a mother who has lost her son. This is a disgrace.”


6th July 2023

For further information, please contact: Patrick Dunne at Imran Khan & Partners Solicitors on 020 7404 3004 or


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