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Possession with Intent to supply a controlled drug

Under section 4(1) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (MDA 1971), it is an offence for a person to have a controlled drug in his possession with the intent to supply it to another. The prosecution have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that:


  1. You were in possession of drugs, that is to say: in your custody or your control;

  2. The drugs are controlled drugs of categories A, B or C (see list of controlled drugs here); and

  3. You intended to supply the drugs to another.

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People often do not realise that ‘supply’ is the simple act of passing or giving the controlled drug to someone else. There is no need for that person to do a ‘deal’, or profit from the supply, financially or otherwise. Just passing a joint or a wrap to a friend at a party would qualify as ‘supply’. Equally, a return of drugs to the original supplier would be a supply.

The possession with intent to supply of Class A drugs is one of the most serious offence and could result in a significant custodial sentence up to 16 years. The larger the amount involved, the most serious may be the sentence.

Even if such evidence is not present, a mere offer of drugs, made by words or by conduct, will be enough to support an allegation of ‘offering’ or ‘being concerned with the supply’ of controlled drugs.

Whenever there is a risk that you may face an allegation of possession with intent to supply, particularly when others are involved, it is your best interest to contact us at the earliest opportunity.


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