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This statement is made by Baroness Lawrence in her personal capacity, in response to the BBC special investigation into the Stephen Lawrence murder.

Baroness Lawrence stated:

‘The fact that the MPS were incompetent in the investigation of my son’s murder is so well-known and established that it doesn’t bear repeating. I knew this at the time of the murder but few listened to my concerns. In the 30 or so years since Stephens killing, revelations continue to keep coming as to the extent of the failings by the MPS in the investigation. The latest revelation that a key suspect in the murder could have, and should have, been properly and thoroughly investigated is shocking but unsurprising. I have got used to the litany of failings in my sons case. What is infuriating about this latest revelation is that the man who is said to have led the murderous attack on my son has evaded justice because of police failures and yet not a single police officer has faced or will ever face action. It should not have taken a journalist to do the job that a huge, highly resourced institution should have done. It simply beggars belief that those paid to do a job continue failing to do it. Constant and repeated apologies from the MPS will not bring my son back and will not give me justice. The failure to properly investigate a main suspect in a murder case is so grave that it should be met by serious sanctions. Only when police officers lose their jobs can the public have confidence that failure and incompetence will not be tolerated and that change will happen. It is too late for me and my family but at least I hope that victims in the future will not go through what we did.’


25th June 2023

For further information please contact: Patrick Dunne at Imran Khan & Partners Solicitors on 020 7404 3004 or


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