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FRAUD solicitors

If you are looking for a team of Solicitors that specialise in defending fraud matters, then we are on hand to assist.


Allegations of fraud can be serious and result in a prison sentence. It is important that you seek legal advice and representation immediately. Our firm has a highly experienced team of Fraud Solicitors who are ready to assist you.


Free Initial Telephone Discussion


For a free initial telephone discussion, please call us on 020 7404 3004 or email and we'll be in touch shortly. We can help clients wherever you are based across England and Wales.


We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


If you require urgent assistance, please contact us on our emergency number on 07738 802993.


What is Fraud?


In basic terms, Fraud is when someone lies to obtain an advantage (usually financial) from an individual or a company. Under the Fraud Act 2006, there are three different types of Fraud namely:

  • Fraud by false representation

  • Fraud by failing to disclose information

  • Fraud by abuse of position


However, there are many different types of Fraud. Our firm has extensive experience in representing those accused of carousel fraud, boiler room fraud, mortgage fraud, benefit fraud and many more.

Areas we can assist with also include:


Civil Fraud


Alleged victims of fraud can pursue an action against you by way of making a claim to recover money and/or assets using the civil courts. The matter will be determined by a Judge rather than a jury.


It is for the victim to prove that a fraud has taken place “on the balance of probabilities”. If you have received a notice of action, please contact our specialist Fraud department who will be able to help.


Will I go to prison?


If you plead guilty or are found guilty of Fraud, you could be sent to prison. You could be sentenced to up to 12 months’ imprisonment in the Magistrates’ Court. Alternatively, if your case is in the Crown Court you could be sent to prison for up to 10 years. Therefore, it is crucial that you obtain expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity. If you have been invited for interview or charged with a Fraud offence, please contact our firm today.


Confiscation proceedings


If you are convicted of Fraud, the Prosecution are likely to commence confiscation proceedings against you during which they will attempt to recover your assets to repay what you are alleged to have benefitted from your criminal conduct. Confiscation proceedings could involve you losing your home, vehicle and life’s savings, even if they have been obtained legitimately. As such, it is important that you choose the right firm to represent you at the early stages of an investigation to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


Why Choose Us?


If you have been charged with Fraud, you should seek immediate legal advice and representation. Your case will be handled by one of our experienced team. 


We will provide you with advice and representation throughout the different stages of your case.


At the Police Station:


You are entitled to free legal advice at the Police Station. Should you be arrested on an allegation of Fraud, it is pivotal you seek representation from the outset.


During the Police investigation, it is likely that you will be made subject to a Restraint Order which prohibits the use of your assets including your bank accounts. We can assist you in making an application to vary the Order so that you can access funds for your ordinary living expenses.


At the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court:


If your matter proceeds to charge, our team will do all we can to secure the best outcome for you. Fraud matters can be complex however, we work with highly experienced barristers who we will instruct to represent you at Court and assist with your case.


Our firm will thoroughly review the evidence against you and instruct experts such as forensic accountants to assist with the preparation of your defence where necessary.

How do I pay for my legal fees?

Please contact us to discuss your circumstances and possible funding options. If you do not have the finances to pay for legal advice, you may be eligible for Legal Aid funding.



How to get in contact

If you need a specialist Fraud solicitor, please contact James O’Hara on 077 393 27158, at or call 0207 404 3004.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you have been arrested or are due to attend Court imminently and require urgent assistance, please contact us on our emergency number on 07738 802993.


We can assist wherever you are based and have offices in central London.

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